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Waiver Administration

Waiver Administration and Management, Including Verification

Waiver administration can be a time consuming and costly endeavor for a college or university. Automation of the processes and communication with students is key to administering an efficient program. Automation can be taken to an extreme, so it is important that there be support available for a student or parent if necessary. The most successful waiver administration programs focus on creating a very positive experience for the student, while achieving the goal of assuring that every student has adequate health insurance. The student’s experience can be enhanced through facilitating enrollment in the plan as soon as a student elects coverage, delivery of plan materials and ID cards, and communication regarding how to utilize the plan. Collegiate Health Solutions can assist in creating a unique waiver administration process that provides a low effort experience for the student, while freeing up college or university staff to handle other more important issues.

Waiver systems today are offered by different providers, in addition to the systems managed by some colleges or universities. The systems managed by colleges and universities require updates and maintenance, costing the college or university valuable resources. Other providers offering waiver management (and verification) include independent consultants, brokers, and Student Health Insurance Plan insurance carriers. Collegiate Health Solutions can assist you in evaluating the options that are available in the market, selecting the best option, as well as implementation.

Waiver verification processes and results vary dramatically depending on the provider’s system. It is important to clearly understand exactly what the process is, including coverage submitted that cannot be verified through the clearinghouse. Collegiate Health Solutions can assist in evaluating any provider offering verification services, selecting the best option, and implementation.