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Mental Health Solutions

The mental health of students attending your college or university is one of the most important issues facing administrators today. Mental health is key to a student’s success, not only while attending school, but also after they complete their studies and enter their chosen profession.

Historically, the only approach to mental health was a traditional in-person office visit with a mental health professional. Over the last several years, there have been many “solutions” presented to college administrators to address this issue. Administrators have many options to consider, and coordination with college or university based resources is a very important consideration. Sharing information from any virtual interactions with college or university mental health professionals is an option. The confidentiality of information provided to virtual providers is a recent topic that should be addressed during the evaluation process.

Collegiate Health Solutions believes that the best solution to address mental health issues in the student population is a hybrid model combining traditional office visits, virtual appointments, and web-based tools.