Collegiate Health SolutionsTM

4C Digital Health

4C is the undisputed leader in providing independent financial oversight, control, and accountability for states, companies that have self-funded health plans, and select Fully Insured plans.

4C’s Mission Is To:

» Transform the way healthcare is managed through medical claim data transparency, control, and accountability. Data gives you clarity; clarity gives you control to execute rigorous governance over a spend that is fraught with errors, overbilling, and conflicted relationships. Our service has a 100% performance guarantee.

» Help clients achieve the highest level of fiduciary governance. With expanded liability under the CAA of 2021, we help plans certify they’re conforming to the new requirements and regulations.

» Offer actionable solutions for self-funded plans by using proprietary technology that roots out abnormalities in claims processing that are financially impacting the plan and its members.

» Provide a complete suite of operational solutions to large corporations, state employee health plans, municipalities, universities, and unions that track a claim from the provision of service to its payment from the plan.

» Help restore the validations that have been suppressed by the TPAs on either a prepayment or post- payment basis. With clear data and our system, clients are empowered to save millions and lower their members’ out-of-pocket costs by exercising their fiduciary control.

» Offer fully independent oversight of healthcare expenditures. We provide each of our clients with a team of clinical, data, and financial experts to navigate the nuances and complexities of medical claims. As a result, we save the plan and your members millions of dollars.